Technical Services

Contract Manufacturing, System Integration and Design Services

From Design to Implementation

Luscombe Rocky Mountain’s unique relationships with world-class partners provide consultive solutions in system integration, contract manufacturing, as well as design services. Our experts can guide a customer from design architecture to implementation to prototype to production. Customers can augment their Supply Chain or Engineering Team with this resource during any step in the process, with Luscombe customizing these value-add services from multiple options both domestic and international.

What we do

Electronic Components

Luscombe Rocky Mountain offers a broad portfolio of component solutions for developers of embedded computing systems. From microcontrollers to wireless and from power and storage to programmable logic and fiber optics, we provide the building blocks – you supply the idea.

Compute Solutions

Luscombe Rocky Mountain’s partners offer a wide variety of integrated system level solutions ranging from industrial tablet, commercial PC, workstations, rugged systems, Enterprise-class servers and cabling systems. With this portfolio, we service IT, military, datacenter and OEM markets with our branded and white box system platforms. With the right hardware, we meet your compute and IT needs.

Technical Services

Luscombe Rocky Mountain works with world-class partners to provide consultative solutions in system integration, contract manufacturing, and design services. Our experts guide our customers from design architecture to implementation, prototype and production. Our customers can augment their supply chain or engineering team with the resources that Luscombe provides during any step in the process.

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